Topsort is revolutionizing the ad infrastructure landscape as a leading provider of AI-driven, auction-based media monetization platforms and APIs. Its Bidless TMtechnology, innovative, and modular system enable businesses to optimize their advertising potential and effectively monetize their own marketplace via sponsored listings or sponsored creatives at scale and low latency, out performing revenue output by 5x. The use of AI ensures a dynamic auction system, delivering targeted ads while maximizing profits, built by the world's top economist Michael Ostrovsky -Topsort Chief Scientist.

Topsort's unique offering has attracted renowned clients like Poshmark, Walmart marketplaces, and Delivery Hero’s Glovo. Poshmark, the leading resale platform inthe US, and Walmart utilize Topsort to manage their ad inventory and optimize adspaces. Glovo, an on-demand delivery service, monetizes its app space through Topsort's real-time ad space auctions. With its technology now adopted in over 35 countries, Topsort is disrupting traditional advertising models, offering a more efficient, cookie-less, dynamic, and profitable solution. By focusing on delivering personalized ad experiences, it's leading the way in the next wave of ad infrastructure innovation.