Flow's state-of-the-art platform helps marketplaces unlock exponential growth in revenue and traffic with off-site social media and digital ads. The Flow platform supports multiple digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Digital Billboards and more, allowing agents, auto-dealers and recruiters to easily publish professional, brand-compliant targeted brand and listing ads automatically, as part of their subscription.

With multiple, seamless integration options, there is minimal to no development required. Marketplaces can set-and-forget this value added product resulting in effortless, additional revenue streams in a short amount of time.

Flow not only enables marketplaces to increase their revenue with off-site ads, but also provides the added advantage of seamlessly packaging and monetizing their 1st party audience data, enabling them to tap into the budgets of related advertisers. Built by trailblazing AdTech entrepreneurs and backed by 20 years of experience, Flow’s advanced tech platform undoubtedly unlocks exponential revenue in the buyer's journey.

To discover how Flow can work for you, email sales@flowliving.com or click the link below to get started.