Vaibhav Singh
Founder & CEO

Vaibhav is an experienced professional with a background in strategy, supply chain management, and operations. He has held various consulting and supply chain roles, which has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of complex business processes and driven continuous improvement initiatives across various industries. Vaibhav holds a B.S. from Chapman University and has completed Executive Education in Technology & Operations from MIT.

With a passion for innovation and sustainability, Vaibhav is now launching an online rental marketplace for consumer to consumer space that spans all categories of goods. He believes in the potential of the sharing economy to create a sustainable and efficient marketplace that benefits both renters and owners, while also reducing waste and supporting a circular economy.


Pitch Club Participant is an online rental marketplace which offers a diverse array of consumer goods across all categories, underpinned by state-of-the-art technology and data-driven insights. We leverage advanced algorithms and analytics to match renters with trusted lenders, eliminating the friction points of traditional rental transactions. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy by promoting responsible consumption through affordable and convenient rental options. Borrowed will help you discover the benefits of responsible consumption and the circular economy because it is not just an online rental marketplace, it's a paradigm shift in the way we think about consumption.