Ted Rubin
Executive Chairman

For more than two decades, Ted Rubin has been a notable leader in automotive. You may know him as the Chairman and CEO of ActivEngage, the automotive industry’s most deployed commerce communications platform offering managed and self-service digital messaging through text, voice and video to service OEMs, auto dealerships and inventory aggregators. Still, Ted can also be credited with contributions to JM Family Enterprises, DealerUps, Inc., and AutoNation.

He is a serial entrepreneur whose seasoned background straddles the lines between technology, sales and operations. His career extends to leadership across company development, business strategy and operations, automotive retail, product development, e-commerce and software development. His unique blend of automotive expertise and technological acumen provide invaluable as he spearheads the creation of innovative software solutions that streamline communications, enhance customer experiences and revolutionize operations.

Ted and ActivEngage have been featured in several well-known news publications and media outlets, including Automotive News, CBT News, Digital Dealer/Dealer Communications, AutoSuccess, and more. For more information, visit activengage.com.


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