Simon Sarahs

Simon Sarahs is an accomplished business leader with extensive experience across commercial, tech, customer experience and product development. Currently a Sales Director at LivePerson, he's recognized for expanding conversational use cases in new verticals and creating scalable solutions that deliver. His past roles include leadership positions at eBay Classifieds Group UK and Newsquest, contributing significantly to their growth. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded, a second-hand bike trading platform,, highlighting his innovative spirit. Simon's unique blend of expertise and innovation make him an attractive prospect for investors looking to back Velo2Velo, a promising bike marketplace platform enriched with AI messaging functionality.


Pitch Club Participant

Velo2Velo is an innovative digital marketplace aimed specifically at cycling enthusiasts, looking for trusted second hand high value bikes. This platform revolutionizes the process of buying and selling second-hand bicycles, providing a seamless, user-friendly experience for both buyers and sellers by providing an end to end consumer experience within messaging channels like Whatsapp,though they do also provide more traditional web and app based journeys too.