Simon Baker
Online Marketplaces and CAV Investment Group

Simon has over 20 years of experience in online marketplaces and classifieds.  He is the Founder of Online Marketplaces / Property Portal Watch, a serial entrepreneur, investor in many classifieds and marketplaces businesses and a seasoned C-Level leader.

Simon is the former CEO of the REA Group, former Chair of the iProperty Group and the Mitula Group, is the current Chair of the PropTech Group, a sponsor of the Genesis Growth Tech Acquisition SPAC, and an investor in and advisor to dozens of online marketplaces.


Crypto, NFT’s, Metaverse and Marketplaces – What Could It Mean?

Words such as web3.0, crypto, NFT’s, and metaverse are emerging into everyday life however what do they really mean and, more importantly, how do these changes impact the global marketplaces and classifieds industry?

In this presentation, Simon explores these terms, how they are impacting everyday life and then looks at the potential opportunities the web3.0 world creates for online marketplaces and classifieds.