Silvan Rath

The Berlin-born has worked for American technology disruptors since 2006. He has been with Cisco Systems while online video was turbo boosting the network requirements. During his time with Comscore he helped leading brands take advantage of cutting-edge online analytics. At eBay he built an all-new Business Unit helping classical retailers navigate the new digitalized landscape. Later Silvan founded two notable tech startups. ParkTag leveraged sensor fusion to reduce parking search time addressing 1% of global fossil fuel emissions. used state-of-the-art mobile sensors to understand consumer behavior and unlock better targeting in the 600BN advertisement industry. Since 2019, he has been supporting the international business development of Twinner, a car digitization company delivering unprecedented transparency in car e-commerce by AI-boosted vehicle scanning technology. Acting as CEO since 2020, Silvan is excited to see Twinner enter the consumer market this Spring after scoring considerable success with global automotive manufacturers and service providers.