Ricardo Frechou

Ricardo Co-Founded InfoCasas in late 2010. After working in Barcelona and returning to his home country, Uruguay, he started the company with a tech and internet vision. At that time Real Estate Portals were not well developed in the region. Beginning as a Real Estate Magazine and quickly developing the desktop portal web, the company could expand to neighboring countries like Paraguay, Bolivia, and Perú. In 2017 InfoCasas launched its app and started developing transactions on the primary market, quickly positioning the company as the dominant player in each country. In 2022 the company Continues to deliver two digits growth and is always staying ahead in the IT industry for Real Estate.

Before funding InfoCasas, Ricardo worked in Private Banking for 5 years and in a family Real Estate Broker in his hometown Montevideo, Uruguay, for 7 years.


Who is 360 LATAM and How Will the Change LATAM Marketplaces?

Ricardo Frechou is the CEOof 360 LATAM, the spin out of Frontier Digitial Ventures’ Latin American businesses.  These include Infocasas, Fincaraiz, Encurentra24, and Yapo.  Combined, they have 35 million sessions per month, 4 million leads, 2.5 million listings and over 12 LATAM countries.  

In this session, Ricardo will discuss how andwhy they have put 360 LATAM together, the learnings that can be shared between its businesses, and he will also share his thoughts on the Next Gen of marketplaces.