Kathryn Schifferle
Chief Vision Officer
Work Truck Solutions

As Chief Vision Officer, Kathryn focuses on ways to supercharge the company’s role in the evolution of the commercial vehicle industry. Prior to her current role, Kathryn served as CEO since founding Work Truck Solutions in 2011. She is dedicated to increasing efficiency and simplicity within the commercial vehicle space through Work Truck Solutions. Her passion for work trucks and vans started in 2007 when she became the Executive Director for the National Ford Truck Club, and began publishing FordPros Magazine. Prior to that, she founded software and media companies in two other industries. She holds an MBA from California State University Chico.


Next Gen B2B Auto Marketplace

Kathryn Schifferle is the Chief Vision Officer for WorkTruck Solutions, the first comprehensive end-to-end platform for the commercial vehicle industry, helping the stakeholders in the industry sell and trackvehicles quickly, efficiently, and more profitably.

In this session, Kathryn provides a unique view into building a B2B Marketplace for commercial vehicles.  In particular, how commercial vehicle users (80% of the GDP) are driving a diverse ecommerce opportunity! From real-world examples to tech-on-the-way, learn howto grab a piece of this $1.5T ecosystem.