Jonathan Turpin
The AIM Group

As principal, Jonathan is responsible for day-to-day operations of the AIM Group and leads the consulting practice. He has served as CEO, COO and commercial director of a wide range of online media and software companies. For six years, he was CEO of Fish4, a British classified service owned by the UK’s largest newspaper companies. He led the business from startup. He has also launched a hybrid radio and online recruitment service; run a home-moving business focused on lead generation and sale of home-moving trigger data; and as a consultant relaunched a significant multi-vertical online recruitment business. He began his career at strategy consultants Arthur D. Little and is an experienced media and marketplaces industries consultant. He has held significant roles at the BBC, Bauer Media, and AOL-Europe. Jonathan is based in London.


Can auto classifieds compete against the new wave of digital auto retailers?

Around the globe, digital auto retailers like AutoHero, Carsome, Carvana and Kavak are changing the way cars are marketed and sold online. How big a threat are they to traditional classified services? What can and should classifieds do to compete?

Jonathan will explore how the competition is shaping up, what it does so well --- including the critical importance of auto financing to the model, --- and how classifieds can, and are, creating dealer-friendly auto-retail services  to meet the challenge.