Gil Sperling
Flow Living

Gil Sperling, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Flow - A pioneering AdTech entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. He started his career as an engineer and co-founded Popimedia, Africa’s biggest AdTech and performance marketing company. Popimedia were the largest buyers of Facebook media inventory in Africa, representing some of the world’s biggest brands, when the company was acquired by global communications group Publicis in 2015. With this DNA, Gil co-founded Flow with his partner, Daniel Levy driven by their mission to unlock the value trapped in high-value transactions across fragmented industries.


How Marketplaces are Growing their Revenue with Off-Site Social Ads and Becoming Indispensable to Their Clients

Marketplaces globally are embracing the omni-channel approach, taking ownership and increasing revenue and website traffic, digging deeper into the advertising wallet.

In this session, Gil Sperling will discuss:

- What are off-site social media ads and why are marketplaces all over the world including them in their  product and revenue projections?  
- See how other marketplaces have helped agents, auto-dealers and recruiters grow their revenue with off site social ads and become indispensable to their sellers.
- The biggest media opportunity we’ve seen in years. Packaging and monetizing marketplaces’ first-party audience data, enabling them to tap into the budgets of related advertisers.
- Unlocking offsite capabilities: How to seamlessly integrate this functionality into any marketplace