Dror Levy

Dror Levy is CEO of LegalDrop, a marketplace that matches vetted lawyers with SMEs.

After ten years of running a London-based Content Marketing company in the legal sector, Dror is uniquely positioned to bring the benefits of online marketplaces to the legal space.

Dror recognises that matching supply and demand for tailor-made and bespoke services is a challenge, and believes that for a strong marketplace to operate in the legal space there needs to be standardization of processes and significant levels of highly engaging content. Managing expectations is critical for successful marketplace interaction. LegalDrop presents pre-packaged legal services including clear deliverables and upfront fees.

Dror has experienced first hand the communication gap between businesses and the legal profession, and so the LegalDrop platform guides and supports the end-to-end communication, ensuring high retention rates.  

Dror’s success to date proves that both clients and lawyers alike find the role of an intermediary adds value as it reduces friction in the communication between them.

Recently enquiry levels have increased significantly, and so Dror and the team are now digitising the end-to-end service and optimizing the LegalDrop marketplace to allow for scaling up.

Dror is at GOMS to talk about  his vision of revolutionizing the old ways of the Trillion dollar global legal industry, through an online marketplace and with the power of Network Affects.


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