Davor Anicic

Since 2015 hands-on experience on the product and business side of successful cutting-edge AI implementations for marketplaces, publishing, and many other industries. I’m leading a small, efficient, and experienced AI agency that implements B2B solutions always based on the latest AI technology. I’m experienced in corporate and startup environments where I worked on both investor and startup sides. Serial online entrepreneur with experiences starting back to the early internet days in the 20th century. Still, daily awed by how technology changes how we live our daily lives and work our business in a new and amazing way.


What Can AI Offer to Marketplaces and How to Implement It

Interesting business perspectives on implementing AI-based technologies in marketplaces. What can a current state-of-the-art AI do in a real-life business environment? Role of newest AI - generative Large Language Models (LLMs) in marketplaces. Will recent AI-powered web searches (like Bing/GPT4) completely change how customers approach C2C marketplaces? Will AI change how customers post ads? Is there a role for dedicated LLMs as internal knowledge databases?