Dasha Timbus

Dasha is a founder of CastingForm, the world’s leading software enabled marketplace used to discover and book actors globally. Prior to CastingForm, Dasha has been a talent manager in the entertainment industry, which has allowed her to build ties in Hollywood. CastingForm’s clients include Universal, HBO, Netflix, Amazon, as well as 108,000 actors in the database and users from 124 countries. Dasha is a Stanford GSB alumna.  She also holds a MS in Global Strategic Communications from the Florida International University, a MA from the Miami Ad School, and is in the process of receiving her Master's Degree in Space and Cyberpsychology. As an amateur open-water competitive swimmer, Dasha has also completed races in 5 countries, including swims in the Barents Sea, a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean,  and completing the Alcatraz race.


Diversity, Equality, Impact, Community, Pivots, NFTs and Network Effect: Buzzwords or the Competitive Advantage needed to Building a Marketplace for Hollywood’s Outdated Industry?

The majority of today’s marketplaces exist to help industries, such as Hollywood, be more efficient in addressing today's demands for diversity and equality.  Many are blindsided by these popular buzzword topics, and marketplaces are key in helping industries evolve with the times. Unfortunately, most of them are not even Web 2 yet. Join us as we discuss the journey of building a global marketplace to help outdated industries, such as Hollywood, be more efficient in addressing modern societal demands and new technologies. Dasha, a CastingForm's solo female founder, will take you through the pivots, bootstrapping, and challenges associated with building a marketplace.  She’ll show you how to overcome them, to create the core of a successful marketplace people can trust. You will learn how resilience, consistency and adaptability in today’s constantly changing environment can be the competitive advantage you need to help provide fast sustainable growth to your startup.