Bernie Brenner

Bernie Brenner is the CEO of Rollick, a leading technology provider to help RV, Marine, Powersports, and Equipment manufacturers and dealers find, win, and keep customers.  Rollick connects manufacturers, dealers, and finance and insurance providers within-market consumers to deliver a seamless customer journey from pre-purchase through re-purchase.


Navigating Marketplace Growth: Insights from my time at Rollick, TrueCar, and Carfax

In this speaking session, we will explore how Rollick, TrueCar, and Carfax have overcome common marketplace challenges. We'll discuss their strategies for balancing supply and demand, leveraging strategic advantages, and adapting to changing market dynamics to strengthen their primary value propositions. Throughout the session, we will highlight actionable lessons for marketplace operators.

Join us to learn from the real-world examples and gain insights to propel the growth and success of your marketplace.