Arne Halleraker
FJ Labs

Arne is a partner with FJ Labs, the world’s leading marketplace venture capital firm. He co-leads the investment arm and oversees hundreds of investments each year, and a portfolio of ~670 active startups. Arne led investments in companies such as Shipbob, Reibus, Mootral, and Pachama. Prior to joining FJ Labs, Arne was Director of Global Partnerships for Telenor (OSL:TEL) , a $33bn market cap Norwegian telco group. Arne holds a MS from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.


Building Marketplaces in a Web 3 World

Web 3 is changing the playbook for how to build marketplaces; join us as we discuss minimum viable communities, vampire attacks, token incentives and other ways in which building marketplaces on the blockchain differ from web 2.