Andreas Scholten
Head of Strategy and Capital

Andreas is Head of Strategy and Capital at Loft, the largest transactional marketplace for real estate in Latin America. Leveraging proprietary transaction data and an end-to-end digital workflow, Loft facilitates the purchase, sale, financing, and lease of tens of thousands of homes every year.

Since founding in 2018 and with the support of leading global investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Altimeter, Baillie Gifford, CPPIB, GIC, QED,Silver Lake, and others, Loft reached unicorn status faster than any other company in Brazil to date and has established itself as the nationwide market leader across home sales, mortgages, and rent guarantees.

Previously, Andreas started and ran the US business of Printi, a leading e-commerce platform for customized materials & services in Brazil and the United States until its sale to Cimpress (Nasdaq:CMPR), and worked at financial firms including Silver Lake Partners and Goldman Sachs.

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Empowering the Middlemen - The Case of Loft's Brokerage Ecosystem

How to interface with existing distribution structures is one of the most difficult and far-reaching strategic decisions for any platform, with commercial philosophies ranging from fulldisintermediation to vertical integration of the middleman function.

In this session, Andreas explores the key strategies that have allowed Loft to build the premier real estate ecosystem in Latin America by embracing and empowering brokers while staying true to itself as a tech-first marketplace.