miami from 7-9 june 2023

Global Online Marketplaces Conference 2023


This conference brings together C-Level leaders from online marketplaces around the world to discuss the key issues facing their businesses.

Over the course of 3 days, you will hear presentations from 30+ speakers, attend social events and network with 250+ C-Level leaders from around the world.

This conference is brought to you by the teams at, Property Portal Watch, the AIM Group, and Rising Media. Combined we have held over 50 conferences during the last 12 years.


Listen to 40+ speakers openly discuss the key issues facing their businesses.
These speakers are C-Level Leaders from online marketplaces around the world.
Sessions involve a combination of panels, presentations and interviews.
Attendees are able to ask questions of the speakers and network with them of social events.

Pitch Club

The pitch club is a chance for 6 startup companies to pitch their businesses to attendees.  We run this as a competition with each company receiving feedback from a panel of judges and the winner receiving the coverted Pitch Club Trophy.

Pitch Club Details
  • 6 startup companies pitch their businesses to the attendees
  • Each pitch is 6 min long
  • A panel of 3 experienced judges provide on the spot feedback about the business and the presentation
  • The best company as voted by the judges receives the Miami Pitch Club Trophy

Email if you are interested in participating in Pitch Club at the conference.


Thank you to these great companies for sponsoring the 2023 Global Online Marketplaces Conference.

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Companies Attending

We are expecting 150 C-Level attendees from marketplaces around the world.  Check out some of the companies already registered to attend the conference.

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Listen to engaging and insightful presentations by 30+ C-Level leaders from around the world.  

9:30 am to 10:45 am

Cutting Edge Organic Search Strategy Workshop

Javier Ortiz - Advisor, Portal.Ventures (Costa Rica)

Javier Ortiz, an advisor to Portal.Ventures, is running a pre-conference hands-on organic search strategy workshop. 

This must-attend free event for all attendees and provides real, hands on tips and strategies to dramatically improve your business’ SEO performance.

11:00 am to 12:15 pm

Lead Generation Workshop

Cecilia West - Director - Global Account Management, iovox (United Kingdom)
James Gray - Director - Global Marketplaces, iovox (Spain)

Unleash the potential of modern call tracking and transform your marketplace with iovox.

Join us in an immersive session where we share our cutting-edge tools and strategies. Discover how to fully understand, benefit from, and monetize each lead you generate from your advertisers.            

Get inspired by captivating real-world success stories:

-Lead Response Tracking – Understand Honda's impressive 40% reduction in lead response time and a staggering 60% increase in lead conversion rates.
-Privacy and Trust – Experience the remarkable impact of trust and privacy as AutoTrader UK achieved a 38% improvement in their Trust Pilot scores.
-Lead Evaluation – Explore the groundbreaking impact of AI-powered lead evaluation, which propelled a leading marketplace's revenue by a jaw-dropping $4.9 million.

Don't miss your chance to gain practical takeaways and secure your spot in this limited-space workshop by registering today!

11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Register your attendance and pick up your attendee pass.

1:00 pm to 1:10 pm

Kick Off

Simon Baker - Co-Host and Co-Founder, Global Online Marketplaces Conference

Session 1: Next Gen Marketplaces - What the Future Could Hold

1:10 pm to 1:40 pm

Disruption in Marketplaces – What to Expect

Malcolm Myers - CEO and Founder, European Internet Ventures (Switzerland)

Malcolm Myers has over a decade of experience in M&A and capital raising for marketplaces around the world.

In this session, Malcolm shares his views on how marketplaces are evolving, what the potential disruptors will be, and how AI can enhance or disrupt the existing players.

1:40 pm to 2:10 pm

Strategic Implications of AI for Marketplaces

Jonathan Turpin - Principal, AIM Group (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Turpin has been consulting to the global marketplaces industry for over a decade. His views and insights are highly valued by market leaders and challengers around the world.

In this session, Jonathan discusses the strategic implications of AI on marketplaces and how it will shape their future.

2:10 pm to 2:35 pm

A Market Leader’s Perspective of Next Gen Auto Marketplaces

Anoop Tiwari - VP of Customer Analytics & Product Partnerships, (USA)

Ryan Gallagher - CEO, iovox (United Kingdom)

Anoop Tiwari is the VP of Customer Analytics and Product Partnership at Cars Inc, the premier automotive marketplace platform with the flagship brand of  Ryan Gallagher is the CEO of iovox, the market leading provider of tracking and analytics for voice commutations.

In this session, Anoop and Ryan will discuss industry trends in auto marketplaces, innovation and what the Next Gen auto marketplace could be.

2:35 pm to 3:00 pm

Marketplaces Dis-Intermediating Recruiters in the $600bn Freelance Industry - Are we Finally There?

Marlon Rosenzweig - CEO and Co-Founder, WorkGenius (USA)

WorkGenius is a technology company connecting freelancers and independent contractors with companies via a marketplace to reduce frictionand gain efficiencies.  

In this session. Marlon, the CEO and Co-Founder of WorkGenius discusses how marketplaces are fundamentally changing the way the recruiting industry works.

3:00 pm to 3:45 pm

Networking Break Sponsored by Apimo

A change to meet your fellow attendees and network.

Session 2: Challenges and Opportunities in Emerging Markets

3:45 pm to 4:10 pm

The Dubizzle Group – What it Takes to Build the Largest Player in Emerging Markets

Imran Ali Khan - CEO, Dubizzle Group (UAE)

Imran Ali Khan is the CEO of the Dubizzle Group (formerly EMPG). The group owns and operates brands such as Zameen, Dubizzle, Bayut, and Lamudi and is the largest classifieds player in emerging markets.

In this session, Imran will discuss the challenges and opportunities of operating in emerging markets and how he sees the future of online marketplaces.

4:10 pm to 4:35 pm

What’s Next for Brazil’s Market Leading Real Estate Portal

Marcos Leite - CEO Zap+, OLX Brazil (Brazil)

OLX is the largest playerin the Brazilian classifieds market.  In 2020 they acquired Grupo Zap (now Zap+) to become the clear market leader in Brazilian real estate classifieds.

In this session, Marcos discusses the opportunities and challenges in running a market leading property portal.

4:35 pm to 5:00 pm

Challenges and Opportunities in Central America

Jessica Weinerth - CEO, Encuentra24 (Panama)

Jessica Weinerth is the CEO of Encuentra24 – the leading marketplace in Central America.  

In this session, Jessica will share the opportunities and challenges of operating in Central America. She will also discuss the innovations that they are implementing and what the Next Gen general classifieds marketplace will look like.

5:00 pm to 5:25 pm

How AI and Tokens Are Changing Marketplaces

Angelo Boskovic - Advisor, Booking Dentist (Serbia)

Discover the dynamic fusion of crypto tokens and artificial intelligence (AI) in online marketplaces. Join us for an insightful overview of how these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping digital commerce and unlocking a multitude of benefits for the users.

5:25 pm to 5:55 pm

NextGen Marketplaces Discussion Panel

Marcelo Gigliani - Managing Partner, Apax Digital (USA)
Joe Hanna - CEO, PropTech Group (Australia)
Gonzalo del Pozo - Partner, Tadium Investments (Spain)
Simon Baker (Moderator) - Founder, OnlineMarketplaces / Property Portal Watch

Experienced investors, advisors and operators of marketplaces openly discuss their views on the Next Gen Marketplaces including the impact of AI, new business models and potential disruptors to the industry.

5:55 pm to 6:00 pm

Day 1 Wrap Up

Simon Baker - Co-Host and Co-Founder of Global Online Marketplaces Conference

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Drinks Sponsored by Flow Living and Portal.Ventures

La Vista Terrace, The Edition

8:00 am to 9:00 am

Continental Breakfast in Sponsor Exhibitors Areas

8:50 am to 9:00 am

Kick Off Day 2

Jonathan Turpin - Principal, The AIM Group (UK)

Session 3: Future of Automotive and Boating Marketplaces

9:00 am to 9:25 am

Personalizingthe Car Buying and Selling Experience

Jay Ku - CCO, TrueCar (USA)

Jay Ku is the Chief Commercial Officer at TrueCar.  TrueCar has built a trusted brand and a strong reputation for providing consumers with useful tools, research, market context, and pricing transparency as they embark on their car-buying journey.

In this session, Jay will deliver a case study as to how TrueCar is customizing and personalizing the car buying and selling experience based on consumer needs. He'll describe the new tools created to help people find the car they want based on their lifestyle and how we are delivering an easier way to shop for and ultimately purchase vehicles fully online.

9:25 am to 9:50 am

Improving Monetisation in Uncertain Times

Spencer Scott - Chief Revenue Officer, Boats Group (USA)

Spencer Scott is the Chief Revenue Officer of Boats Group.  Previously he was the CRO of CarGurus (NASDAQ:CARG), a company founded in 2006 to create a better car-shopping experience using technology and data analytics. In just over a decade, CarGurus has become the most visited automotive shopping site in the US, with more car listings than any other major online automotive marketplace in the US.

Spencer will discuss how CarGurus and the Boats Group are using advances in technology to change the way people buy and sell cars and boats.

9:50 am to 10:15 am

NextGen B2B Auto Marketplaces

Kathryn Schifferle - Chief Vision Officer, Work Trust Solutions (USA)

Kathryn Schifferle is the Chief Vision Officer for WorkTruck Solutions, the first comprehensive end-to-end platform for the commercial vehicle industry, helping the stakeholders in the industry sell and track vehicles quickly, efficiently, and more profitably.

In this session, Kathryn provides a unique view into building a B2B Marketplace for commercial vehicles.  In particular how commercial vehicle users (80% of the GDP) are driving a diverse ecommerce opportunity! From real-world examples to tech-on-the-way, learn how to grab a piece of this $1.5T ecosystem.

10:15 am to 10:40 am

Cross Marketplace Learnings Helping Create the Next GenMarketplace

Christoph Tonini - CEO, Swiss Marketplaces Group (Switzerland)

The Swiss Marketplaces Group owns and operates the leading automotive, real estate and general marketplaces in Switzerland.

In this session, Christoph Tonini will overview the Group and discuss their view of NextGen marketplaces.

10:40 am to 11:20 am

Networking Break Sponsored by Apax Digital

Meet your fellow attendees

Session 4: Operational Excellence

11:20 am to 11:45 am

Herding the Cool Cats

Nils Koerber - Managing Director, Ringier South Africa (South Africa)

Who doesn't want a high-performing tech team that can build robust solutions, deliver fast, and constantly innovate? Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Managing tech teams is not always an easy feat, and it can be difficult to build, scale and nurture these teams to their full potential.

In this talk, insights and strategies gained from years of experience in managing marketplace tech teams will be shared. But that's not all - you'll also get a taste of some buzzworthy tech concepts like NFTs, Blockchain, and of course, AI!

11:45 am to 12:10 pm

Navigating Marketplace Growth: Insights from My Time at Rollick, TrueCar, and Carfax

Bernie Brenner - CEO, Rollick (USA)

Bernie Brenner is the CEO of Rollick, a leading technology provider to help RV, Marine, Powersports, and Equipment manufacturers and dealers find, win, and keep customers.  Rollick connects manufacturers, dealers, and finance and insurance providers with in-market consumers to deliver a seamless customer journey from pre-purchase through re-purchase.

In this session, we will explore how Rollick, TrueCar, and Carfax have overcome common marketplace challenges. We'll discuss their strategies for balancing supply and demand, leveraging strategic advantages, and adapting to changing market dynamics to strengthen their primary value propositions. Throughout the session, we will highlight actionable lessons for marketplace operators.

12:10 pm to 12:30 pm

How Marketplaces are Growing their Revenue with Off-Site Social Ads and Becoming Indispensable to Their Clients

Gil Sperling - Co-Founder, Flow (South Africa)

Marketplaces globally are embracing the omni-channel approach, taking ownership and increasing revenue and website traffic, digging deeper into the advertising wallet.

In this session, Gil Sperling will discuss:
- What are off-site social media ads and why are marketplaces all over the world including them in their  product and revenue projections?  
- See how other marketplaces have helped agents, auto-dealers and recruiters grow their revenue with off site social ads and become indispensable to their sellers.
- The biggest media opportunity we’ve seen in years. Packaging and monetizing marketplaces’ first-party audience data, enabling them to tap into the budgets of related advertisers.
- Unlocking offsite capabilities: How to seamlessly integrate this functionality into any marketplace

12:30 pm to 12:55 pm

Key Success Factors for Customer Experience Excellence in a B2B2C Environment

Miriam van Straelen - Partner, Roland Berger (Strategy Consultants)(Germany)

Miriam van Straelen is a partner with leading management consulting firm, Roland Berger.  In this session, Miriam will discuss the key factors for a successful customer experience in the B2B2C environment.

12:55 pm to 2:10 pm

Lunch Break Presented by Topsort

Meet your fellow attendees

Session 5: Pitch Club

2:10 pm to 3:30 pm

Pitch Club Presented by IOVOX

Six start up companies present 6 minute overviews of their businesses which are then critiqued by our experienced panel of early stage investors.


Ryan Gallagher - CEO, IOVOX (UK)
Gonzalo del Pozo - Partner, Tadium Investments (Spain)
Joe Hanna - CEO, PropTech Group (Australia)

3:30 pm to 4:10 pm

Networking Break Sponsored by SignifiMedia

Meet your fellow attendees

Session 6: Next Gen Real Estate Marketplaces -What to Expect

4:10 pm to 4:35 pm

Empowering the Middlemen - The Case of Loft's Brokerage Ecosystem

Andreas Scholten - Head of Strategy and Capital, Loft (Brazil)

How to interface with existing distribution structures is one of the most difficult and far-reaching strategic decisions for any platform, with commercial philosophies ranging from full disintermediation to vertical integration of the middleman function.

In this session, Andreas explores the key strategies that have allowed Loft to build the premier real estate ecosystem in Latin America by embracing and empowering brokers while staying true to itself as a tech-first marketplace.

4:35 pm to 5:00 pm

What Real Estate Marketplaces are Doing to Break Through their Ceilings?

Edmund Keith - Head of Content, Online Marketplaces (Spain)

Edmund has analyzed 10,000 data points from real estate market places from around the world. In this presentation, he shares several important insights as to what real estate marketplaces can do to rapidly grow their businesses.

5:00 pm to 5:25 pm

Scaling a Pan European PropTech Platform

Saurabh Saxena - Head of M&A, AVIV (Germany)

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the Aviv Group is one of the world’s largest digital real estate tech companies.  It is a subsidiary of Axel Springer and its brands include some of Europe’s best known real estate marketplaces including SeLoger (France), Immowelt (Germany) and Immoweb (Belgium).  It also owns Meilleurs Agents, France’s leading real estate valuation provider, Housell in Spain, and Yad2 in Israel.

In this session, Saurabh discusses how the Aviv Group see the future of marketplaces and is building a pan-European proptech platform to make it happen.

5:25 pm to 5:50 pm

Marketplaces Dis-Intermediating Recruiters inthe $600bn Freelance Industry - Are we Finally There?

Marlon Rosenzweig - Co-Founder and CEO, WorkGenius (USA)

WorkGenius is a technology company connecting freelancers and independent contractors with companies via a marketplace to reduce friction and gain efficiencies.  

In this session. Marlon, the CEO and Co-Founder of WorkGenius discusses how marketplaces are fundamentally changing the way the recruiting industry works.

5:50 pm to 6:00 pm

Day 2 Wrap Up

Simon Baker - Co-Host and Co-Founder of Global Online Marketplaces Conference

7:30 pm onward

Gala Event Presented by IOVOX

Tropicale - The Edition

8:00 am to 9:00 am

Continental Breakfast in the Sponsors Exhibitors Area

9:00 am to 9:05 am

Kick Off Day 3

Simon Baker - Co-Host and Co-Founder of Global Online Marketplaces Conference

Session 7: AI and Marketplaces

9:05 am to 9:30 am

How Technology Can Disrupt Today’s Marketplace Industry

Joe Hanna - CEO, PropTech Group (Australia)

Chatgpt has helped make AI mainstream.  This is just example of a technology that is changing the way an industry can work.  

In this session, Joe Hanna discusses how AI and technology has the potential to change the way the real estate industry operates

9:30 am to 9:55 am

AI Driven Dynamic Pricing

Ozan Sayar - Chief Strategy Officer, PropertyFinder (UAE)

PropertyFinder has developed a world-leading subscription product that (1) maximizes flexibility for client, (2) ensures equity of the marketplace from a supply/demand perspective, and (3) optimizes monetization from our angle, using AI-driven dynamic pricing. The product itself is called PF Flex, and as far as known, no other classified has this sort of a product in place.

This session discusses how PropertyFinder developed this product and the success they have had.

9:55 am to 10:20 am

How to Keep Making Money from Advertising While Being Compliant with Data Regulation

Michael Ostrovsky - Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Topsort (USA)

Meta has just been fined $1.3 billion for violating the European Union data protection rules. In this session, Michael Ostrovsky discusses the approaches marketplaces can take to increase their revenues while ensuring they are compliant with data regulations.

10:20 am to 10:45 am

AI and Machine Learning Discussion Panel

Roman Sidorchuk - Machine Larning Engineer, Metropolis (USA)
Ted Rubin - Executive Chairman, ActivEngage (USA)
Simon Baker (Moderator) - Executive Chairman, CAV Investment Group

This panel session openly discusses how AI and machine learning has the potential to change the way marketplaces work.

10:45 am to 11:30 am

Networking Break Presented by ProperBird

Meet your fellow attendees

Session 8: AI and Marketplaces (continued)

11:30 am to 11:55 am

What Can AI Offer to Marketplaces and How to Implement It

Davor Anicic - CEO, (Croatia)

Interesting business perspectives on implementing AI-based technologies in marketplaces. What can a current state-of-the-art AI do in a real-life business environment? Role of newest AI - generative Large Language Models (LLMs) in marketplaces. Will recent AI-powered web searches (like Bing/GPT4) completely change how customers approach C2C marketplaces? Will AI change how customers post ads? Is there a role for dedicated LLMs as internal knowledge databases?

11:55 am to 12:20 pm

Who is 360 LATAM and How Will the Change LATAM Marketplaces?

Ricardo Frechou - CEO, 360 Latam (Uruguay)

Ricardo Frechou is the CEO of 360 LATAM, the spin out of Frontier Digitial Ventures’ Latin American businesses.  These include Infocasas, Fincaraiz, Encurentra24, and Yapo.  Combined, they have 35 million sessions per month, 4 million leads, 2.5 million listings and over 12 LATAM countries.  

In this session, Ricardo will discuss how and why they have put 360 LATAM together, the learnings that can be shared between its businesses, and he will also share his thoughts on the Next Gen of marketplaces.

12:20 am to 12:50 pm

Conference Wrap Up Panel Session

Simon Baker - Founder, Online Marketplaces Group
Jonathan Turpin - Principal, AIM Group (UK)
Panel to be finalized

This panel session discusses the key learnings and insights gained over the course of the conference.

12:50 pm to 1:00 pm

Day 3 Wrap Up

Simon Baker - Co-Host and Co-Founder of Global Online Marketplaces Conference


The Global Online Marketplaces Conference is once again being held at the amazing The Miami Beach Edition Hotel.

The Miami Beach Edition Hotel

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Miami Beach, FL 33140

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